Thursday, May 26, 2016

DOTA 2 : Get Free gold, battle points, and gr!

Hello Guys I’m not the best gamer, but what I am good at is . I take in , like your mother takes in &*(%) erm…waffles. I guess I’m rlly just attacking myself, because I’m not so good either. Anyway, it makes me feel better. If you don’t alrdy know about DOTA, then here’s a bit of info. If you do, and you probably do if you’re here, just skip this part: DOTA, I played the hell out of it as a kid/adult. So with a ton of heroes and two tms of five players, you fight past creeps and towers to crush the opposing tms base, controlling only your hero.
The problem:
This biggest problem is that the gold and battle points, which result in better gr and new heroes. So lets even the playing field. We can’t have PayPal players bting up penniless patriots.

The solution:
How to get free battle pointsYour Dad won’t let you use his credit card and you can’t seem to rack up the battle points like you hope. I have managed to DOTA 2 a bit. It doesn’t always work, but most of the time it does. The rson being I have to update it often. But when it does, you’ll be in shiny new gr. A few battle points can send you a long way if you’re still a novice. Let’s call it lag…
How to get free goldThis requires a bit of knowledge about , but if you follow my directions, a mon could do it. Assuming the mon and rd and write. This is made only for DOTA 2, but works on DOTA as per the latest . DOTA 2 are not sy to come up with, but here I am.
So if you want your character to look pretty or just want to try your “luck” with some DOTA 2 here is what it can do as of now:

What it can do:
Manipulate battle pointsAdd goldFog of war can be removed (this is my favorite because it’s just a little bit of )Item – works on many characters but not allWarning: in order to keep this thing working. Keep in mind I’m doing this because I don’t’ believe the best player is the one with the best credit card. Plse do not go God mode. You don’t need a bazillion battle points or gold.
Download instructions:Click Here to download program. Fill out the , ‘cause I have to t too. If you’re worried about your info you can Google “Fake name ” use it.Now that you have the program, follow the text file precisely. If you screw up, its not my fault. Start over and go step-by-step Don’t trust other people on the forums. Don’t give away your . Your username is enough
Pawn those credit card, cash wielding, paypal players that think they can buy victories!

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