Thursday, May 26, 2016


Hello guys once again we are back with another tool. If you're bored and want to amaze a stranger, a friend, or even anyone. Than making a caller ID spoofing call may be just the activity you're looking for. Caller ID spoofing is the practice of causing the telephone network to display a on the recipient's Caller ID display that is not that of the actual originating station. As long as you're aware that making prank calls may get you in trouble with the law and even arrested, in some cases and are willing to take the risk, you can make a Prank call. Caller ID spoofing can make a call appr to have come from any phone the caller wishes. Be aware that what you do may offend the person at the other end of the line. If you want to know how to make a successful prank call, just download the tool and follow the steps. It is also a good id to use a phone book so you know the name of the person. This will make the prank call more believable.

Caller ID Spoofing is the ultimate tool for making prank calls and fooling your friends. You can change your Caller ID, so when you call someone he sees on his Caller ID display the you selected. You can also change the pitch of your voice for deep and creepy or high and funny. Supported Countries:- Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Beium, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Italy, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco, Netherlands, Pakistan, Qatar, Romania, Rassia, Saudi, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, UAE, UK, USA, VietnamInstruction:
Select the country you are calling fromChoose the Caller ID you want to displayEnter the you want to callSelect the pitch If you want to changeJust click on "CALL"
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Disclaimer: Caller ID Spoofing Tool is for eduional purpose only, don't use it for any Illegal purpose. Use it on your own Risk (discretion) we are not responsible in case this method is used for nefarious purposes.

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