Thursday, May 26, 2016


Dragon Story and is finally out! Now you can sily get unlimited silver, gold and food. You don't jailbrk and there;'s no need to spend money. Dragon story has one of the most difficult ing systems to . We had step in on this one again, and the ! Dragon Story Has always been one of our favorite games, Dragon Story Attack! This app provides you with an unlimited amount of gold, food, and coins.

We have currently started to implement online to our site, and dragon story has been one of our most asked for to implement online, since a lot of people like to use this straight from there we always recommend the mobile version but given the popularity and se of use of our online versions the feedback has been incredible so far. So if you want to dragon story.

Our programmers have included the basic currencies of the game which are food, gold, and coins! Since it is most difficult ing systems to . That is so our users can excel at the dragon story game as they plse, and get the most out of the experience with the game. Here is a quick snk peek at what the looks like.So, we had step in on this one again to the !When using this online you have to use the whole facebook url with your ID for it to work properly otherwise the implementation will not work correctly.

Instructions for mobile user:Load this app on your phoneStart Dragon StoryOnce Dragon Story loadsCheck what you wish to erate(i.e. Food, Gold, Coins)Click erateThe app erates a stdy amount over around ~2,000 per second for 10-20 seconds.
Instructions for PC user:Tether your device to your phone.Start Dragon Story AttackStart Dragon StoryChoose the OS(IOS/ or Android)Enter the amount you want to addMake sure the check-box is clickedClick Add!Enjoy!

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