Thursday, May 26, 2016

Download from any type of sites 100% working

Download from any PPD sites using java script

Hello guys once again we are back with an Amazing . Download from any sites. As we alrdy knows there are s of PPD sites which allows you to download any file just after completing the provided by them. It so difficult to complete and some times after completing the , it won't starts downloading. So now you need to be worry about it because I found a successful trick to bypass any PPD sites like [ Fileice, Clnfiles, ShareCase, Adworkmedia, Adsendmedia, Dollarupload, Shrinkonce, Stromecase, Linkbucks etc.] without completing .

While completing some , it takes lots of time and often you need to enter some of your personal information like email Id, Mobile , Date of Birth, Permanent address and so on. So lets start how we can download without completing .

Download Java Script from the below link.Browser like Mozilla firefox, Google Chrome, Wyzo etc.You must have Java Script Enable for the Browser.
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Procedure:-Copy Java Script and add into Bookmark Menu.

When Page Apprs, Click on Bookmark

It removes the , and your downloading will starts

If you are facing any problem plse comments, good things don't come sy and nor last for ever.


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