Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to Get accepted to Fileice at the very first attempt and start making money [working 100%]

Hello! guys now its a very good time to start Making Online Money with FileIce. Today I just decided to share some of my secrets in Making money Online. As you may or may not Introduced to FileIce. It is a highest paying PPD site. The Basic id of PPd is to get paid when someone downloads your files. I strongly recommend using FileIce because they pay higher as compared to other PPD sites like sharecase, clnfiles etc.
But the most difficult thing about FileIce is that they don't accept any fraud appliions. Even I too was rejected three times but after getting this trick I was accepted at the very attempt. Now you not need to worry about, Here I am providing the best trick ever found on Internet.

Proof:- Below is the screen shot of my FileIce account gets approved.
Ftures of this Trick:-
1. A Referral link. [I don't Know whose referral link is this but if you Register under this link, will incrse 90% chance to get accepted]2. Step steps process to fill up appliion.3. How to verify your blog or site.4. what must write to describe about yourself.

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