Thursday, May 26, 2016

CS Version 8 Free Download(Full Version)

CS Version 8 software and its integrated Web production appliion, Rdy CS Version 8 software. Graphic and Web designers, photographers, and professionals can take advantage of indispensable ftures that include improved file management, new design possibilities, a more intuitive way to crte for the Web, and support for 16 bit s, digital camera raw data, and non square pixels. Now you can crte the highest quality s more efficiently than ever before.

What's NEW in CS Version 8
Professional toolset Crte original s or modify photos using a full assortment of painting, drawing, and retouching tools.

Color correction Improve the color, contrast, and dynamic range of any with a comprehensive set of professional color-correction tools.

Enhanced layer control Composite s, text, and effects on hundreds of layers that you can organize with up to five levels of nesting and save in different combinations as Layer Comps.

Improved File Browser Quickly preview, tag, and sort s; srch and edit metadata and words; and automatically share batches of files from the improved File Browser.

Advanced Web capabilities Crte sophistied Web page elements, such as rollovers and animations, using Rdythe only Web appliion that's completely integrated with .

Hling Brush Effortlessly remove dust, scratches, blemishes, wrinkles, and other flaws with the Hling Brush.

Special effects filters sily experiment and achieve amazing results by accessing more than 95 special effects filters. Preview and apply more than one filter at a time with the new Filter Gallery.

Advanced type control Add vector-based text that you can edit at any time, format, warp, convert to outlines, and use for masks or other special effects.

Customized workspace Work the way that's best for you by saving personalized workspace and tool settings, and crting customized board shortcuts.

Unparalleled efficiency Automate production tasks with built-in or customized scripts and the actions palette which lets you record editing steps to quickly process batches of files.

File Size:157.5Mb

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