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Download Age Of Mythology With 100% Working + + FULL

Download The Grt Game Age Of Mythology With ++ Free . Download the full game for free With 100% working or .Description: Age of Mythology game tran the player World Hlth Organization play that game in to a time wherever heroes fight withseveral dangerousmonsters of mortal men.The mythological excitement begins when players call upon the gods to act on their behalf, or reinforce their armies with more than 20 mythological crtures. Ensemble Studios' new 3-D engine adds a deep richness of graphical detail to crte an innovative new title based on the ancient history of the Greek, Norse and Egyptian cultures.Players will produce armies and develop their civilizations through the ages and manage political economy through resource gathering and trade. The mythological excitement begins onceplayers decisionupon the gods to act on their behalf, or reinforce their armies with over twenty mythological crtures.
The Ensemble Studios' new 3-D engine adds a grt richness of graphical detail to make Associate in Nursing innovative new title supported the traditional history of the Greek, Norse and Egyptian cultures.
How To :
1. Crte one virtual drive and mount AOM-1.iso with demon tools or winrar . i thing winrar will do fine.
2.Now go through the install process until it says "Plse insert Disc 2 into Drive 'X'...
3. When it says to insert 2 then Unmountedthe virtual drive and mount AOM-2.iso
4. After installation it says "Plse insert Disc 1". Unmount and mount AOM-1.iso and click OK.
5. Now go to My Computer, right-click virtual drive AOM-1 and click 'Open' or 'Explore'
6. Open folder '', copy AoM.exe and copy into game directory (It asks do you want replace existing file. Click 'Yes')
7. Unmount if you want and open desktop icon to play.

.....There....Step by step, for everyone. Hope it's useful.....Don't forget to seed, it'd help others. {-}

/ :


Sorry i cant found any direct download link cox its large size so i have to share download link .
Guess What is this ;)
1000 Wood - TROJAN HORSE FOR SALE1000 Food - JUNK FOOD NIGHT1000 Gold - ATM OF EREBUSLaser Brs - O CANADAShow the map - LAY OF THE LANDMax Favor - MOUNT OLYMPUSLots of mon - I WANT TEH MON!!!!!SystemRequirements

Minimum SystemRequirement

OS : Any Version OF (Without 95 and NT) 98 or above are supported wellProcessors : Pentium III 1 Ghz OAnd AboveRAM :128 (MB)Graphic Card Memory :16 MB 3D cardHard Space :1.5 (GB) / 1500Mb FreeInput Device : board/Mouse/Spker

Recommended System Requirment

O/S : 2000/Window Xp/7/VistaProcessor : Pentium IV 2 Ghz Or AboveRam : 512 MbGraphic Card Memory :32 MB cardHard Space : 1.5 Gb FreInput Devices : board/Mouse

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