Thursday, May 26, 2016

Get Approved to Fileice in 72 Hours- 100% Working Method | By Vishal |

Hello Friends today I am going to post How you can Get approved in Fileice in 48-72 Hours. There are many sites that Give you money when People Download your Files by Doing s. Many People get approved to DollarUploas, ClnFiles, ShareCash etc. But their Fileice Appliion Denined Every Times. I you are one of Them then use this Method and You Will Get Approved to Fileice within 72 Hours :)...

Things you Need:
- A working Blog/Website
- Your Blog/Website Must Contain 5-7 Posts
- Your Blog Must Have 200-300 Page Views Per Day.
- A working Email Address
-A Rl Address, Pin/Zip/Postal

Your Blog/Website Doesn't Contain:
- Any Post About Fileice(or other LLC sites Like- DollarUpload, Clnfiles etc.)
- Any Completing Tricks

How to Get Approved to Fileice:

1) If you Don't have a blog then Crte a Blog with 5-7 Posts.

2) Now you Need Some Traffic to your Blog. To get Traffic Post your Blog on- Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Crte Facebook Page or anywhere you want.

3) Go to Sign up Link- Fileice Signup Link(This is aRefferalLink, This will improve your Chances of Getting Approved by 5%)

4) Click on Register.

5) Now Enter the captcha Click on I have Rd and Agreed to the Term of Service Agreement.

6) In the Next Form Enter the Desired Username, Your Rl Name, Your Email Address, You Want and Click on Next.

7) In the Next Form Enter your Address, City, State, Zip/Postal , Country and Click on Next.

8) Now Select The Rson For Signing up- To Upload Files and rn Money.

9) Now enter your Website. Select Verifiion Method- Meta Tag. Copy the Tag.

10) Open the Blogger>Your Blog>Template>Edit HTML. Now Srch for- <meta and Paste the Meta Tag below it and Click on Save Template.

11) After the Template Saves Click on Verify in Fileice Domain Verifiion.

12) Now enter a Rson How would you Get more Traffic to your Website. Enter your Own or Enter one of the Following:
>>I am a software programmer, and I provide project to various newbies, looking forward to lock my projects with the help of FileIce.>>I will use my current website to lock premium downloads with the help of FileIce.>>Got approved by Clnfiles, but seems like they are not the best network around, poor download rates. Looking forward to some alternative and fileice seems to be the best.
13) Now Click on Submit.
14) Verify your Email Address. Wait for 2-3 Days for Reply From Fileice. You Will get Approved.

If you Didn't approve in one time then Submit appliion for 2-4 Times.
See Proof:
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