Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to Convert a Power Point 2010 Presentation to ?

This article will tch you explain to you how you can convert your Power Point 2010 presentation to a , using just five steps.

It is useful to convert your PowerPoint presentations to because this way more people will be able to view it as it will allow without PowerPoint software to watch it as a .

Follow these 7 steps:

1. The first thing that you need to do is, select Backstage View from the File drop down menu.

2. After you have opened the Backstage View, press the Select and Send option.
3. Once you have pressed the Send &Save button a of options will be displayed in the File Types menu, select Crte a .
4. Once you have chosen to crte the , you need to select some other options such as the size of the file, recorded narrations and set the of minutes which should elapse between slides and then press the Crte a option.
5. Now that you have accommodated the view to your liking, all you have to do is designate a loion for your . In a corporate situation, it is always better to put it on a shared network drive.6. Now, that you have saved your in your desired loion, your file will start converting to the .wmv format. A progress bar will appr in the lower right corner of the PowerPoint presentation.7. As all of the steps have been completed just turn on your .wmv compatible player and view your .Other options to add to your PowerPoint presentation are adding transitions to slideshows and animating text and objects . If you edit your via Live Maker you can upload it to YouTube.Converting your PowerPoint presentation not only makes your presentations more accessible but it also allows you to watch your in your desired .wmv player.

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