Thursday, May 26, 2016

IDM Optimizer Free Download(Full Version)

For fast downloads, fast and stable internet connection is required. But not only that, many factors that cause a download process goes quickly or slowly. One cause quickly or slowly the download process discussed here is download manager software.

Download hobbyist usually prefer to use Internet Download Manager (IDM). Internet Download Manager is a paid download manager software. In my opinion, using a good download manager software will save the download time. In addition, you can stop the download and resume it later if that fture is supported by the server.

And now many common people in the world who have been using Internet Download Manager. But only some of those who know how to configure to produce the optimal download speed.

One more small tools that may be very useful for your users Internet Download Manager. This time I am going to share the small tools that can maximize the performance of IDM without having the person who tinkers registry. With this tool, which is split in maksimalin connectionnya connectionnya be 16 and so the maximum speed. The way it works is as follows.

This program will crte a new file in the directory that contains the name of the IDM Optimizer.exe IDMMax.inf that contains the script to go into the registry, trus-twking ngutak in HKCU / software / download manager for performance maksimalin IDM

In the registry, this script changes the value of Advanced Integration --> 1, ConnectionSpeed --> 999999, Connection Type --> 11, MaxConnections-->16

Whers if you find IDMDef.inf file, then script it contains to restore settings to the initial conditions IDM

To apply the changes, then the required restart IDM.

= File Size:299.37Kb

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