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Latest CPA Reward Facebook App 2013 Free Download

Latest CPA Reward Facebook App 2013 Free Download

Publisher: Cpa Reward App
Version: 1.0
: Shareware
Price: $Free
Operating Systems: Linux,Other Platform, NT/2000/2003/SBS2003
System Requirements: MySQL, P 5
File Size: 1.00 MB
Total Views: 751
Total Downloads: 0
Relse Date: 11/18/2010
Last Update Date: 11/18/2012

CPA Reward Facebook App Short Description:

Users complete offers and s to make you money with CPALd on Facebook

CPA Reward Facebook App Long Description:

CPA Reward App is a Professional, Rdy to go Facebook Appliion. Users of your appliion complete offers and s to rn points/coins which are redeemed for prizes, gift cards or anything you want. CPA Ld pays you between $0.38 and $10.00 for users who fill in s. You set the ratio of points to $. So you determine your own profit margins!

Crediting is 100% instant to the user, you dont have to credit offers. After they complete an offer, their account is credited instantly. The integrate Referral system integrated, makes your app viral along with a unique referring url. When offers are completed along with referrer crediting when their referred users complete offers.

It abides by Facebook & Cpald TOS (as long as you do not PAY your users in CASH/Paypal and is set up for Amazon Gift Certifies, but you can make the reward whatever you want.

For those who have never seen the script in action here a brk down:

1. The Script Setups as a Facebook Appliion.
2. Users Sign Up to Start rning Points
3. Points are Rewarded by the User filling out CPALd s
4. Every Time a User fills out a CPALd Pays You and Points are Automatically Credited to the Users Account
5. Once the User has rn enough Points they Claim a Gift Card
6. You Set the Ratio of Points to $. So You Determine Your Own Profit Margins!
7. You Simply Order the Gift Card from have it sent via Email.
8. The Gift Cards or Vouchers can be Anything You Want! You can set up a niche like Xbox Live or Thter Vouchers or just set it as a eral Gift Card Appliion.
9. Users make the Appliion Viral via the Invite Tabs. With the Click of a Button They Can Invite all of their Facebook Friends. By doing so they will Automatically get 10% of the Points their FB Friends rn. You can Even Upgrade Individual Users to 30%!

Scaled for mass users, powered by P and MYSQL.



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