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Media fire Direct Downloader V1.0

MediaFire Direct Downloader
MediaFire is a free file hosting web site, and millions of people in the world use this site to share files with others, MediaFire crtes links are URLs to make it sy for their users to share files and folders. The link look like this ( we use media fire links directly, the link is directed to a page which is full of advertisement. So that they can rn the necessary amount of money and can give us the free service they are providing.

ContinentsProgram FturesRequirementsScreen ShootsDownload Links

We can notice that most of the picture advertised are look like download button, they have text like "Download Now!" most of the new user click on those ads and redirects to another page and feel troubles in download our file.

There are 6 Downloads Buttons in this page.

Some times mediafire shows sexual advertises on download page,

Sexual Advertises on mediafire

Now, if you want to avoid advertisement pages, and do not want to download large banners ads, you can use "Mediafire Direct Downloader (MDD)" to Download your file without going or loading advertising page. It will work from your desktop even you don't need to open your web browser.

Program Ftures
Shared Link To Direct Link:This Program MDD "Mediafire Direct Downloader" can download file directly with share link.

File Information:
MDD will tell you Name of your file as well as File size.

Record Your History:
MDD makes history and keepsrecord when, how and what files you have download.So when you need you can download your file again from MDD History option. (also you can srch file in history).

You Can Export Your History sily:
You can export/save history file in the following formats
The TEXT file (.TXT)
The Internet Shortcut File (.URL)
Access File (.MDB)
Both .TXT & .URL

Save Your Precious Time:
MDD has a time elapsedcountdownwhich tails you, how log MDD has finddirect link.
I'm using 256 KB wifi wireless connection when I download some thing my download manager tails me the speed of downloading is 60 to 65 KB/Sec.
In this internet speed MDD takes only 6-7 seconds, YES 6 or 7 Seconds to start downloading via shared link.

Play With Your Clipboard:MDD can detect when you copy a mediafire shared link from any where, MDD promotes you that do you want to download this file, MDD gives you advanced shortcut facility Ctrl + Alt + Shift + (a letter) to start downloading of your copied Mediafire URL (where Alt and Shift is optional ).

Options Makes MDD sy:MDD has many option like

Do not downloadimmanently, just provide me download link via message box.Automatically copy direct link to clipboard, so your download manager may detect link.Do not srch file name. (This will save 2 seconds)Close to system tray.Start with .Load Captcha In MDD.Load Captcha in my default browser.Do not Load Captcha.Control MDD with system tray icon.Check For Updates. Etc.CAPTCHA? No Problem!:If mediafire uses CAPTCHA so MDD "Mediafire Direct Downloader" has capability to load captcha .
MDD can refresh CAPTCHA andAuthorized Download.

Visual Styles:Visual Style: What color do you thing should be MDD back ground?Yes you can now change Backgrounds, Hdings And Links Colors, Border styles and Opacity, It also have some themes.
Size Is InKB's:Very Little and simplest Appliion it (Mediafire Direct Downloader) is.
The size of MDD(Mediafire Direct Downloader) is less then 1 MB (If you have alrdy Dot Net 2.0 Installed)

Virus Free:
Yes I'm (Saqib Sabir) not a trusted publisher but MDD (Mediafire Direct Downloader) is free of every kind of viruses and malicious software.The World Best Antivirus Software "Bit Defender Total Security 2013" says MDD is cln.
AVAST 7 says MDD is cln.
Zone alarm Firewall says MDD is cln.
So Now lve your worries about viruses.

YES!! It's FREE:
MDD (Mediafire Direct Downloader) is free of cost,

* Tested on XP and 7.
may be its work on all operating systems.* Installer 3.1 (Must Required!) Included with setup (will installed automatically if not alrdy Installed) If you download the full package (27 MB)* Dot Net 2.0 (Must Required!) Included with setup (will installed automatically if not alrdy Installed) If you download the full package (27 MB)* There are no special hardware requirements.

Screen Shoots

Click Here ForScreen Shoots
Screen Shoots are shifted to another page in order to quick and fast loading of this page.
Download Links
Full Setup (Dot Net 2.0 And Installer Included)[27 MB] (Recommended)

Without Dot Net 2.0 and Installer 3.1[516 KB] (If you think you have alrdy installed Dot Net and WI.)

To Check dot net 2.0 installed or not download this file "Check.vbs".

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Mediafire Direct Downloader By Saqib Sabir
how to download from mediafire directly?

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