Thursday, May 26, 2016

[Openly Posted] Reliance 3G Premium VPN Trick | November 2014 | By Vishal

Requirements for this Trick:
- Access Point: rcomwap OR smartwap

- Reliance 3G Activated SIM with Small 3G Pack.

How to Use this Trick:

For PC Users:
1) Download NMD VPN.
2) Install it and "Run it as Administrator".
3) Paste the config files in this loion C:\Program Files\NMD VPN\Config\
4) Now open NMD VPN as Administrator and in the system tray you will find its icon.
5) Connect and Enjoy :)...

For Mobile Users[Android]:
1) Download the given config. file and save it in Sd Card.
2) Download Ft Vpn/ Open Vpn.
3) Open-Ft VPN or Open Vpn and upload config files from your Sd card to Ft Vpn or Open Vpn.

4) Connect and Enjoy :)...
Download Reliance 3G VPN Trick

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