Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pirates In Love Voltage Inc. Tool New

Pirates In Love Voltage Inc. Tool New

First open your game, load until the menu (usually they will ask to download 1st time)Choose main story (main story or any) - start new game - choose character - You will able to see the "RESTORE PURCHASE" button. click on it and enter your id (it will not charge you anything.)
Now using an iFile or iFunbox or similiar apps we need to loe/var/mobile/appliions/PiratesInLove/Libary/Preferences/com.voltage.kaizk.en.plistopen with text viewer (i'm using wordpad)
Choose the character you want to download. then you will soon will see download bar, wait until complete. ENJOY the game..
Hope this will bring more fun for you. And plse all gamers take care of your partner in life and don't play too much. Rl Life is not like a game, we just do it one way and never go back, in the games you'll always going back and replay.. For those who still can't it, you can download the edited file here:

it's my wife savegame (ssssttt.. she don't know i took it for you all). after download then replace yours at: /var/mobile/appliions/PiratesInLove/Libary/Preferences/com.voltage.kaizk.en.plisThanks..
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