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PSN v5 - Playstation Network - Free - 2013

PSN v5 - Playstation Network - Free - 2013

Introduction :

PlayStation Network Downloader is the appliion software that enables to transfer the data from personal computer to PSP portable device. This software is first installed in the personal computer by following simple instructions and then it helps to download the content from computer to a PSP device.

The content is downloaded or transferred to PSP through USB cable with a USB connection to PC. The software interface provides settings to select the USB connection mode that automatically downloads the data to PSP. Xross Media Bar screen helps to access the downloaded data in Play station device. The open file option enables to open the downloaded file in PSP system.

PlayStation Network Downloader supports all latest Editions and different versions of ® ® Operating system. This software is available in latest version with updated ftures and improved performance. The software can be uninstalled sily from personal computer in control panel remove programs settings.

Installing PlayStation®Network Downloader:

Download PlayStation®Network Downloader to the PC. Find and click on the downloaded file to start the PlayStation®Network Downloader installer. Follow the on-screen instructions to perform the installation.

Downloading content from a PC to a PSP™ system.
Connect the PSP™ system and the PC using a USB cable.
(USB Connection) under
( Settings) on the PSP™ system. The PSP™ system enters USB connection mode.

Purchase (download) content from PlayStation®Store. PlayStation®Network Downloader starts automatically and content is downloaded to the PSP™ system.Downloaded content can be accessed from the PSP™ system’s XMB™ (XrossMediaBar) screen.


During a download, if a message asking you to select an appliion to open the file is displayed, select “PlayStation®Network Downloader” to open the file.
Uninstalling PlayStation®Network Downloader:
PlayStation®Network Downloader can be uninstalled from the PC under “Control Panel” > “Add or Remove Programs”.

Operating environment:

The following environment is required to use PlayStation®Network Downloader.
PSP™ system
System software version 6.00 or later
PC operating system
® ® XP Home Edition *1
® ® XP Professional *1
® ® XP Media Center Edition *1
® ® Vista™ Home Basic *2
® ® Vista™ Home Premium *2
® ® Vista™ Ultimate *2
® ® Vista™ Business *2
*1 Service Pack 2 or later is recommended. Only users with administrator privileges can install and run the software.
*2 Only users with administrator privileges can install PlayStation®Network Downloader. After installation, users with eral user privileges can run the software.



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