Thursday, May 26, 2016

Roblox and | Get Unlimited Robux

Trying to find good working Roblox and is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Sure there are hundreds of s, websites and players offering you the latest ‘Roblox engine’ or . But most of the time they rlly just want you to buy their item in Roblox or (worse) download some virus infested tool. When I started playing Roblox I looked around for some working Roblox for Robux and found so much rubbish. There were so many useless fake and so many things which tried to get me to download something or other. I even downloaded a few and tried them out under a Virtual PC just to see what they’d do. It wasn’t even subtle as it started trying to get my Roblox login.

Instructions:Enter your Roblox usernameEnter Robux amount (Max. 1 000 000 / IP)Enter Tickets amount (Also Max. 1 000 000 / IP)Tick Anti-DetectTick Fast Mode if you have internet connection faster than 1MB/sLoad proxy list if you want (optional)Click start button

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