Thursday, May 26, 2016

Virtual Cop 2 PC Game Free Download(Full Version)

Virtua Cop 2 is a Classic shooting game published by SEGA in the yr 1995. This game is also known as Virtua Squad 2 in some parts of America. The game offers tremendous amount of entertainment with good graphics and Sound effect to keep you interested. During my young age, I used to play this game for hours and hours partnering with my uncle. Your role in this game is a cop, who will be assigned three different missions and the most entertaining part is that, you should finish these entire 3 missions with limited lives. ch mission in this game will have different bosses and killing the final Boss will be little tough.
This game supports the Multi-player fture i.e. Two players can play the game simultaneously. There are three levels in the game. Your main objective in this game is to shoot the enemies before they shoot back at you. At the end of ch level there will be a boss battle. The boss battle will be very entertaining, as he will throw cars and drums at you. Bting the boss will ld to the next level, where you will fight with enemies in different scenario.

There are three different levels for you choose from. They are Beginner, Medium and Expert.
Stage 1: Beginner
Here you will be interrupting a Jewel robbery and in the quest to find the boss of the robbery gang, you will be following the thieves and when you kill all the thieves the Boss will be appring. Killing the Boss will be little difficult comparing to the other thieves. Once you enter the Boss battle, you will be in for a mini battle where he will be attacking you with different objects. Killing the Boss will ld to next Stage.

Stage 2: Medium
Your mission in this stage is to rescue the mayor of virtua city from the kidnappers. You will be fighting the enemies in the Harbor. At the end of this stage you will be fighting with the boss, who will be launching aerial attacks on you.

Stage 3: Expert
In this level you will be fighting against the terrorist in the Virtua city underground. Killing the boss in this level will ld to the main Villain fight. Killing the final Boss will successfully end your mission.

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