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Wifi 2014- Wifi

Wifi 2014(The ScreenShot of Wifi )
This time we bring you the best software to the WiFi networks 2013.The compilation includes powerful encryption software in networkdetection and idl for WiFi networks.Wifi / How to wifi s / wifi s
How to wifi / Wifi
Is it rlly free?
Most definitely. The program comes to you at no cost! So what are you waiting for? Download WiFi today and gain the ability to into any WiFi network you like!The most common type of wireless security are Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) and Wi-Fi protected Access (WPA).WEP was the original encryption standards for wireless so that wireless networks can be secured as wired network. However it isn’t happened a group of FBI the WEP in less than three minutes There are several open source utilities like air-ng, weplab, WEP, or airsnort that can be used by s to brk in by examining packets and looking for patterns in the encryption. WEP comes in different sizes. The common lengths are currently 128- and 256-bit in WEP.Latter WAP and WAP2 was introduced to overcome the problems of WEP. WAP was based on security protocol 802.11i replacing the 802.11 of WEP. Using long random s or passphrases makes WPA virtually unable however if a small is used of less than 14 words it can be in less than one minute by air-ng, mostly uses s of less than 14 words so use air-ng for .Download Wifi Mirror for Wifi This File Has Been Downloaded (5.892) Times !Need Help with Download , Click button below:Scanned – 100% Cln File[Results 100% CLN]Securing Wireless NetworkThe first step of securing wireless connection is simply using a long random s atlst of 14 characters.Now if your wifi device supports for WPA2 than use it, as many users don’t know that their device supports for many security encryption techniques. Check your router security techniques supported which is in its configuration page.If you don’t know how to edit routers setting than just open your browser and type in address bar and here you will get your routers configuration, where you can select
Wireless NetworkAs we have rd above this is an sy task, we just have to use our network card in monitor mode so as to capture packets from target network. And this NIC mode is driver dependent and network can be monitored using air-ng. But only small if cards support this mode under . But you can use live of any linux OS (commonly BackTrack 3 ) or install linux OS as virtualNow download air-ng for linux or platform from here.The air-ng suite is a collection of command-line programs aimed at WEP and WPA-PSK . The ones we will be using are:airmon-ng - script used for switching the wireless network card to monitor mode
airodump-ng - for WLAN monitoring and capturing network packets
aireplay-ng - used to erate additional traffic on the wireless network
air-ng - used to recover the WEP , or launch a dictionary attack on WPA-PSKusing the captured data.

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