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Launch regedit with certain path?

Launch regedit with certain path?Jump 2 Registry By Saqib SoftLaunch Regedit.exe with certain path
How to launch regedit with certain path?
Open registry directly to a given ?How to jump to a registry directly ?How to jump any registry sily?Instantly Jump To Any Registry Loion With Jump2RegistryHow to jump to the desired registry with one click?

An intuitive and reliable software solution that enables users to crte batch scripts or VBscript files so as to open the registry they want

If you are accustomed to manually twking the registry entries on your computer, then you are also aware that when you access Regedit (the Registry Editor app integrated within ), it automatically opens the last accessed , so you need to manually srch for another entry. If you often need to access a handful of records, it mns you continuously need to perform srches so as to loe them on a regular basis - if you want to avoid this repetitive task, you can rely on Jump 2 Registry.

This appliion does not need to be installed on the host computer, so you can store it on your USB flash drive and run it whenever you need it, without any issues.

Due to Jump 2 Registry, you can crte shortcuts to user-defined registry and save them as batch scripts or VBscripts; this way, the next time you want to quickly access a specific record, you can simply double-click the script file and the registry will automatically be opened within Regedit.

The main window of Jump 2 Registry is intuitive and user-friendly, as you only need to type or paste the path of the registry you are interested in. Next, select the type of shortcut you want to crte, then assign it a name and choose its destination folder.

All in all, Jump 2 Registry is a nifty little appliion that enables you to effortlessly access certain registry without needing to perform a Regedit srch every time you need them. The erated registry , be they batch scripts or VBscripts, only require a double-click to access the target record, so no time is wasted.

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Note: XP users must Download and installed following TWO programs first to run this software.
• Installer 3.1 or higher [Click Here To Download]
• Dot Net 2.0 or higher [Click Here To Download]

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