Thursday, May 26, 2016

Post Pictures And Update Status On Your Facebook Pages And Profiles

Post Pictures And Update Status On Your Facebook Pages And ProfilesAutomatically

Are you planing automatic Facebook posting?

Something like Collecting Data from different websites or other sources and posting those data (Text, Pictures or Link etc) on your Facebook Page or your own profile automatically?

If Yes! so you're going right way...

Saqib Soft Completed Such Project In The Same. "Ary News Urdu" The Whole Process Of This Page Is Done By My Software (a ROBOTIC software).

What This Software Can Do??This SoftwareCollects News Pages From 10 Different News Channel Websites Like Geo, Samaa, Dawn, Express, Dunya, CNBC Pakistan, ARY News, Etc.After collecting news pages this will separates the "Title", "s", "News Source", "Links", "Descriptions", "Time" of the news and cln the data (Removes unwanted words or sentences if include).Now It will detect which news is "NEW" or Which is "OLD" If the news is previously posted then this will ignore it, But if the news is not previously posted then.....Then first of all it will post the news on "Blogger" or "Blogspot", (Because the author of the Softwarewant sponsors for the advertisement on his blog. posting news on blog this software collect the news link from blog.But the link is too long, So this software use Tinyurland Goo.glto short the link for example
Long link:
Short Link: this software post news (with s and links) on their facebook page Ary News Urdu.It's also have limits options that how many post should be posted in one day or Etc.It's has timer options which repts the whole process in your desired delay. i.e 60 seconds or 120 seconds etc.Software's known that when it should be start, what it should do if internet connection failed.Rl Time Logging... Sound Integaters... Chenal Tripping (Limit of posting news for specific channel).And Much Much More...

This is, What Saqib's Software Does!
If you are planning something like this so order now. We are C And Best and URDU friendly :-)

Admin on Facebook: Saqib Sabir, Saqib Soft
Note: This is not a free software to download and currently available only in Pakistan. But Believe me our pricing is too low as compare to others even a HSC student can afford it.
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