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Prize Bond Srching Software Pakistan

Prize Bond Srching Software - Saqib Soft
Prize Bond Srching Software Pakistan- In English
Saqib Soft Proudly Presents new software "The prize bond srching system" with this software you can check your prize bond of any egory within seconds.
If you have prize bonds (Issued by the Government of Pakistan) in large quantity then you must have this software. You can store all the bonds s of your & your friends / family in different text files and check winning status by just few clicks. This software can be used by the business of Prize Bond Purchase & Sale. Instant srch allow user to enter bond s directly to srch by different methods. Prizes List provides grt static of winning s. Many ftures of this software has never been introduced by anyone before. The software does not allow just srching, it gives you complete control over updating draw result yourself.
We will try our best to update draw result download link within 5 days after ch new announcement of result by the State Bank of Pakistan. Usually SBP announce draw result on 1st and 15th day of ch month.
In case of any problem, registered buyers can call / e-mail us for technical support.
FturesInstantNotifiionOn every startup this softwarecommunieswith our server and check notifiion aboutupcomingdraw and tells you details about this.Select Your Bond egory and Draw Datesily

You even don't need to go to market and purchase draw paper. You also don't need to srch internet for download draw papers because our software will solve this problem for you. when you start our software this will autometically download all the important information from our servers and save your lots of time and money.Do You Have To Srch Thousands of bonds manually ???
Is it true ??? Do you rlly have to srch Hundreds/thousand of your bonds manually at ch draw?Why you are wasting your precious time if we have crted this type of advance software for you.

This software has afture "Load From Text File" which has never been introduced by anyone before, with this fture you can load your bond s from a simple text file just save your bond s in a simple text file after that you can load that text file every time whenever you want to srch your bond s.
One more fture of this software to enter your bond s you have is "Add Range". If you have bond s in a for example if you have 500 bonds From 000000 To 000500 in this case you don't need to enter 500 bond just use "Add Range" option this will do this for you.

Fast and Clr Srching Technology WithFullDetails
You can see the above this is the results of srch. Our software tells full details with graphical interface. For Example the date of the draw, Where this draw held at, what's the of drow, of prizes, 1st 2nd and 3rd prize values etc.
OFFLINE MODEWhat if you don't have internet connection ??? Don't worry we have also crted "OFFLINE MODE" for you and have gave the same facilities to this mode as online mode have. You can use this mode if you don't have internet connection.
Update FtureAvailableWe have give our software an update functionality with this function you can check for new software updates and can update your software copy within a minute and can migration to new version if available.
DrawSchedule? No ProblemWant to see drawschedule? So you don't need to srch schedule on the web. Our software haseverythingrelatedto prize bond. You can watch latest draw schedule whenever you want at just a single click.

Download Prize Bond Srching Software (1.3 MB)
Note: XP users must Download and installedfollowing TWO programs first to run this soft.• Installer 3.1 or higher [Click Here To Download]• Dot Net 2.0or higher[Click Here To Download]
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Srch/Find Prize Bond Draw Results of Rs: 750, 14 April 2014.Prize bonds Pakistan - Find prize bonds draw results online. National Prize Bonds are brer type of security available in the denominations of Rs.200, Rs.750, Rs.1,500, Rs.7,500, Rs.15,000 and Rs.40,000. No fixed return is paid but prize draws are held on quarterly basis. Prize Bond’s Scheme are one the most popular scheme in Pakistan because is the only lawful source for poor and middle class people to become rich. Saqib Soft provide complete list of saving prize bonds draws, prize bonds schedule and prize bond winners lists.
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National Saving Prize Bond Srching System Download
National Saving Prize Bond Srching Software Download
Automatic Prize Bond Srching Software For Download
Srch Prize Bond Draw Result of Rs: 40,000 Draw No.55 (September, 02 2013 Monday MULTAN)
Srch Prize Bond Draw Result of Rs: 200 Draw No.55 (September, 16 2013 MondayHYDERABAD)
Srch Prize Bond Draw Result of Rs: 15,000 Draw No.56 (October, 01 2013Tuesday RAWALPINDI)Srch Prize Bond Draw Result of Rs: 750 Draw No.56 (October, 21 2013Monday KARACHI)Srch Prize Bond Draw Result of Rs: 25,000 Draw No.7 (November, 01 2013FridayMUZAFFARABAD)Srch Prize Bond Draw Result of Rs: 7,500 Draw No.56 (November, 01 2013FridayMULTAN)Srch Prize Bond Draw Result of Rs: 100 Draw No.4 (November, 18 2013Monday LAHORE)Srch Prize Bond Draw Result of Rs: 1,500 Draw No.56 (November, 18 2013Monday RAWALPINDI)Srch Prize Bond Draw Result of Rs: 40,000 Draw No.56 (December, 02 2013 MondayFAISALABAD)Srch Prize Bond Draw Result of Rs: 200 Draw No.56 (December, 16 2013Monday LAHORE)

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