Thursday, May 26, 2016

UFC [PC, XBox, PS4] 2014

UFC will set a new bar for character likeness and emotion in gaming. Every single d fighter in the game has been crted from high resolution 3D hd and body scans to deliver revolutionary character likeness and authenticity. Powered by IGNITE, new facial animation technology delivers more expression, emotion and will communie grter sense of awareness and lice in the Octagon. In addition to various U.S. ues like NHL and NBA and major football s ( FIFA 14) is now has also secured the rights for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC ) . So we can look forward to a fighting game with all d UFC fighters to MMA now .
The UFC relse for the 5th May 2014 the announced , but you can pre-order the game alrdy . As in the rl battle in the octagonal ring you can get your opponent in UFC by both punches , kicks and hd stomps KO bt or force through the clever use of submission moves to the task. In respect of the last UFC game the submission system will be fundamentally changed in order to provide more rlism in the Octagon .

INSTRUCTIONS:1. Launch UFC .2. Click 'erate' button !3. Wait a few seconds, - will be erated.4. Copy and paste your !
~ That's all. Enjoy the game ~3220 Votes for Yes/ 55 For No

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