Thursday, May 26, 2016

Battlefunds Download

Battlefield Heroes is amazing game and for free, but… if you want to be on the top players, you must have guns and sets from Store. Without it you will be losing in the battle against players who have premium equipment.

However, you can get stuff from Battlefield Heroes Store for free – with our tool. You can use our Battlefunds and erate Battlefunds for free.

erating free Battlefunds is very simple. You should enter only your username and amount of battlefunds to add. Battlefunds you will get after several seconds. To use this you must have Xp/Vista/7 and installed .NET Framework 4.

Download Battlefunds V 1.4 and run itEnter values (username and amount of battlefunds to add)Click the buttonYou will get Battlefunds after several seconds
Download Battlefunds V 1.4 from here:


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