Thursday, May 26, 2016

Wizard101 Crown [Latest update: December 17, 2014]

Latest update: December 2014* Success rate is now 100%Downloads today: 274- Make sure you check that is working, before you download it

Step 1: Download the Bot from the link above.
Step 2: Open the bot.
Step 3: Enter your username.
Step 4: Enter the amount of crowns you want.
Step 5: Click “Add Crowns”. Wait 3-5 minutes and then check your account.

Wizard101 Lately I’ve been srching for new games to play, due to boredom. That’s when a buddy of mines recommended a game called Wizard101. Now i hrd of this game, but from what i hrd it was a kids game. Nevertheless i had subscribed to Wizard101 in an attempt to quench my boredom. To my surprise it was pretty awesome. Although there are many games similar, I would have to say Wizard101 is in a ue of its own.After enjoying the game and ranking up I had came faced with a wall, crowns. In wizard101 there is a currency called crowns as you should know, and without these crowns you are missing out on a HUGE portion of the game. Now i would purchase crowns but first i had to see if there was any way to obtain them for free. So i srched Youtube for “wizard101 crown ” to come up with no good answers at all. Then by the time i was rdy to purchase crowns hi jinks happened, disabling me to get them. At this point i rlly want them so i take my coding ability and decide to find an answer myself. It took me a few weeks to get finally get it, but after a few weeks i had crted a way to get free wizard101 crowns.With the wizard101 crown i was getting free crowns which led to free wpons,gold, mounts and more. I was pretty hype, and told my friend who refereed me to game about it. And gave him the bot as well. A yr has passed since then and i have now stopped playing wizard101. Although i have stopped playing my bot hasn’t stopped working. So i thought i can offer it to you guys out there who rlly want crowns and can’t afford them, or simply don’t want to use money.So here it is guys the Wizard101 crown :

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